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Application Development

Over the years, COTS products have been known to be of higher quality and cost-effective. However, the factors governing business keep changing continually, and there is a need to address the challenges of integration with the newer systems along with the need to be agile enough to respond to the dynamic business environment. The IT applications also need to integrate with all internal and external applications. With the advent of mobile devices as the preferred mode of communications, consumers also demand a seamless experience across all platforms.

Organisations must understand the unique challenges that their operations might face in the course of their business and as they enter uncharted areas. It is critical to adapt to the new environment, but it is the IT infrastructure that will help them to be nimble-footed. There is also an inherent need to rationalise the workflows through agile application development and integrate them with the control points and other external applications wherever necessary. The software applications used by the businesses act as the fulcrum to drive adaptability to the heterogeneous industrial environment. While change is the only constant, it is equally necessary to simplify the changing workflows that are understandable by all stakeholders.

Actinolix provides a rational approach to application development that is very different from the siloed approach of a majority of the siloed COTS products. Our subject matter experts have experience across multiple industries and can create adaptable models from the industry-specific workflows. They are deeply involved in creating tailored applications while considering the specific nuances of the workflows and data structures that are unique for each industry. We blend an optimum delivery model covering onsite as well as offshore work that optimises operational costs and allocation of experienced resources for each project. Our global best practices ensure consistent and standardised processes being followed for all our clients across the globe.

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