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Enterprise Content Management

As businesses continue to grow, they produce an enormous volume of mission-critical documents and managing them becomes a problem. The lack of a central repository leads to an adverse impact on employee productivity and the efficiency of the business. One of the critical factors is the lack of an IT infrastructure to manage this massive volume of documents. The sheer volume of data makes it a daunting task to search for information and makes decision-making based on incomplete information.

With information dispersed across multiple sites, it becomes difficult to manage customers properly and many times inefficiencies creep in when handling high-value clients. It also makes formulating and monitoring KPIs an overwhelming task. Document control is also central to quality control and not having a central repository that can lead to severe outcomes and lead to severe losses. Delegation of work also becomes difficult without an adequately documented insight about the operations of the organisation.

It is where Actinolix and its experts help organisations by formulating a robust document management system using the tenets of IBM's time-tested Enterprise Content Management systems. Organisations can streamline their documentation control systems and take full advantage of the information related to its customers and processes residing in the documents. Using the IBM portfolio, once the framework is in place, the content and the underlying data can be used to automate business processes and increase the level of collaboration with vendors, partners and customers.

As a first step, we identify the processes where it is critical to replace manual systems and how the content is dispersed across the organisation. Our experts finalise the enterprise content management strategy after discussion with the client and develop key control points at specific areas to measure goals for the solution too. Once the framework is deployed using IBM solutions, you can securely store content and collaborate when needed with other processes. The inter-department workflows can be automated and reduce the overall costs of continuing business operations. A fast turnaround of capturing the content prevents leakage in the systems and improves the efficiency of your business.

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