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Virtual Call Centre

Businesses would like to have an excellent customer service team that would help them to have loyal customers that would allow them to drive the revenues. Studies show that customers prefer talking to a company representative over the phone rather than over chat or email. Most of us like to dial the call centre number and have a direct conversation with the representatives that deal with the problem over emails. However, setting up a physical call centre takes up too many resources for organisations, and there would be a need to reduce costs.

It is where a virtual call centre can help. Here the agents work remotely, and even from their homes with the required infrastructure. The agents may work from dispersed locations while remaining as a cohesive unit through cloud-based applications. Organisations can hire agents globally and can choose more cost-effective sites to hire agents. Online call centres are greener and result in a reduced turnover of the agents.

Actinolix is experienced in setting up virtual call centres for businesses to ensure a cost-effective solution while providing a beneficial solution that transcends international boundaries and reduces overhead costs. However, there is no letdown in the security of the application, and all the agents are strictly trained in the operational best practices to prevent any leakage of sensitive information.

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    Asterisk, FreePBX. We work with providers Orbtalk, Telnyx and Twilio, Sangoma and Digium phones, Cisco Unitifed communication, Private video conference systems.


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