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Aiding a renowned bank in formulating a Customer Index using IBM Master Data Management solutions

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Aiding the bank in formulating the customer index using IBM Master Data Management.

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IBM Master Data Management

AIX, WebSphere DataStage and QualityStage, InfoSphere Master Data Management, Information Server


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The bank had a massive volume of data, but there was a lack of proper IT policies in the process of handling the data. Apart from the sheer volume of data, it was also fraught with ownership issues. It was critical to bring a new dawn in data management and to drive a culture to store data apart from formulating the framework to have a customer index.

Tesco Bank CI


The team discussed with the stakeholders and formulated a robust data framework after taking the stakeholders into confidence. We also provided consultancy on multiple aspects, like infrastructure, managing releases of new packages and integration with DataStage/ QualityStage.

Tesco Bank Meeting


The Actinolix team helped in formulating an overall framework to manage data apart from aiding in formulating the policies to create a Customer Index. The bank expects it will help them in improving customer service by 35% within the first six months.

We were looking for an expert to help us in formulating the Customer Index. There was a large volume of data but was not organised at all. The team from Actinolix enabled us in creating a framework for data management that would help us in finalising the Customer Index and manage data more professionally in the long run.

Bruce C

Chief IT Strategist