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System Migration

The ever-changing business scenario requires organisations to be agile so that they can adapt themselves accordingly. There are still numerous medium-scale companies who are still working with archaic systems, and some of the workflows are manual too. Organisations must update their applications to the latest version to reduce the risk of working with backdated systems. They are often faced with the continual threat of disruption in mission-critical processes, increased probability in loss of customers and reduction in the revenues, etc. While organisations understand the need for upgrading their systems and IT platforms, they are faced with the dilemma of having to select the ideal infrastructure.

As business is faced with the challenges of lower system stability and elasticity, there is a need to define the migration strategy, and this involves countless hours of interactions with the stakeholders. There is a need to update the backdated systems to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure and have the loopholes plugged against any vulnerabilities of the earlier versions of the incumbent applications. There is an inherent need to assess the various states of the legacy systems and after that, come up with a robust framework to boost the agility of the IT infrastructure.

The systems migration experts from Actinolix undertakes pre-migration assessments to suggest upgraded systems that will boost scalability and agility of the IT systems. Our migration experts help you migrate to some of the leading IBM platforms and is a pioneer in systems migration projects. They have years of experience in handling migration projects across diverse industries. We start by creating a migration plan that is adhered to strictly. Our experts are prudent enough to lay down real-time monitoring of the project status and automate the migration processes as much as possible.

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    We support migration from vendor lock-in situations, cloud locked vendor migrations e.g from AWS to GPC. Product upgrade migrations, Product update migrations. Product switch with data migrations, Legacy to microservices, On premise to cloud. Java EE upgrade migrations. Protocol change migrations e.g SOAP to REST. Database upgrades and updates. Datacenter consolidations.


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