Project management

We manage software projects in simple way using following principles with stages:

Initiation Step

  • Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Defining the Project
  • Identifying the Project Goals
  • Level Setting the Project Expectations
  • Developing the Statement of Work, SOW
  • Outline the Project Scope
  • Review business requirments
  • Estimate budget
  • Estimate delivery time
  • Estimate risks

The Planning Step

  • Develop Task List and project plan
  • Publish Project Activities Required to Complete the Project
  • Develop Project Schedule
  • Coordinate the Project Budget
  • Revisit Project Scope and SOW and make Adjustments
  • Gather Stakeholder Approval
  • Define key milestones and feedback points
    • OAT and failover tests, operational acceptance

The Execution Step

  • Implement project plan
  • Schedule Team Meetings
  • Schedule daily calls
  • Communicate Regularly with Stakeholders
  • Develop Problem Remediation Steps
  • Be Diligent in Clearing Project Roadblocks

The Control Steps

  • Track Project Progress
  • Reacting to Project Changes
  • Adjusting Project Schedule to Account for Changes
  • Adjusting Project Scope when Appropriate
  • Communicating any and all Changes to Project Stakeholders
  • Document and Consensus Gaining
  • Implement monitoring and service books
  • Hepline and operationa guidelines

Closing Steps

  • Release Project Resources
  • Conducting a "Lesson's Learned" from the Project Team Members
  • Collect Project Outcomes from Stakeholders
  • Write a Final Project Report


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