Information Management Consulting - DB2 Performance Tuning

When companies are looking to create a new database to manage the information they process, or would like to update an existing database that is out of date or experiencing performance issues, we can provide information management consulting to ensure they receive the ideal database for their needs, and that their old information is migrated to the new database safely and securely.

For companies that are upgrading to new databases, we provide a Master Data Management program and an IBM DB2 Universal Database. The IBM DB2 database is Oracle compliant, simple to roll out, and highly customizable, virtually guaranteeing that it will meet the needs of any company or organization. We have extensive experience implementing and managing IBM DB2 databases; recently, we successfully optimized an IBM DB2 based system for a company that manages more than 300 million records. The configuration went smoothly, and the company saw marked improvements in database performance after their upgrade.

Even companies already running IBM DB2 can benefit from our services. We specialize in database model design and optimization, and can find ways for companies to improve the speed and security of their current DB2 without going to the expense and trouble of a total database overhaul.

Database activities that can be performed:
Install database binaries
Perform post database binary configuration
Configure database instances (n-instances) if required
Prepare generation scripts for databases
Prepare database users
Execute database scripts
Configure databases (n- databases)
Configure database client (thin or thick)
Configure database connections from client to database
Validate database connectivity
Validate database datasources from ESB/BPM to databases
Execute data load scripts