Proactive IT system and application monitoring

Do you wish to setup infrastructure and concept to proactively monitor your IT systems and applications? We have the right solution for that! With the help of our services, you will be able to:

  • monitor and diagnose performance bottlenecks within complex enterprise applications that use loosely-coupled designs or service-oriented architecture;
  • proactively resolve issues before they escalate into a nerve-wrecking incident.

Some of the key features we provide are:

  • monitoring types which include: fault, performance, configuration, security and accounting;
  • instant notifications via email or sms in regards to problem areas of your IT infrastructure;
  • report and graph utilization of systems (cpu, memory, IOwait, network latency);
  • monitoring all layers of IT system (data, application, network);
  • E2E proactive monitoring ;
  • ARM.