Capacity Planning and Performance Testing

For corporate clients who have a project drafted out, however are unsure of the required resources amount to implement their new web service/application, we are able to provide state of the art capacity planning services that determine exactly the CPU, database, and memory requirements of their project. To perform these calculations, we factor in not only the application’s pre-requisites, but also the business’ precise needs.

Once companies have finished the development of their applications and acquired the hardware resources they need, we can provide performance testing services to help tune the application for the company’s needs. We will optimize the complete system—the application as well as the infrastructure—and do so on all layers, including the operating system, the application server, and the database system.

Companies and organizations who make use of these services will not only save money by investing in exactly the hardware and software they need, and no more, but they will also improve the service they deliver to customers by ensuring their applications are never compromised by insufficient or improper resource planning.