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Aiding Deritrader to create a robust Business Intelligence framework by optimising Artificial Intelligence-driven model from prior use cases

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Financial services - Blockchain (Cryptocurrency)
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Deritrader is a start-up for derivative assets, like futures and options, spots, etc. in cryptocurrency, etc. We intended to deliver the project on time and within the resources of the client to help them in their business goals. We developed a robust IT framework to help Deritrader in servicing their clients better and aided by IT-driven business processes.

System and area breakdown


Application development using Firebase and Redis

Linux, AWS, Python, Docker, Rest, WebSocket, Neural Network AI, NodeJS. Security. Git, Docker, Docker composer. Redis. Kafka. Chronograph, TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Fedora CoreOS, Ignition, ExpressJS, SailJS, Angular, VisualStu-dioCode, JavaScript, TypeScript, AWS (EC2, RDS, ELB, security and rights concepts) ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) Grafana, Nagios, Zabbix


Project Resources:

1x Solution Architect
2x Developers
1x Python Developer
1x Blockchain Consultant
1x Consultant


Deritraders needed an automated platform to undertake trading in cryptocurrency. The development had to be from scratch as there was no incumbent platform, and it was critical to understand the business requirements upfront. Being in the financial derivatives industry, there was an inherent need to ensure a robust security framework.

It is also critical to analyse a lot of data in the industry that Deritraders operates. The requirement for a new system came up as the business did not have the control points with the right KPIs. There were disparate sources of data, and it was critical to segregate them and forward them for further mining. It was essential to create an application that could forward customised KPI-based reports to senior management.


Technical challenge was to integrate in short time number of on premise banking systems.


It was essential to come up with a trading platform quickly to allow Deritraders to go live with the trading platform within weeks. We used state of the art technology to create a custom-made trading platform that showed the real-time rates of derivatives allowing traders to make more profits. The platform also aided in real-time risk monitoring, along with an advanced order management module. The team had a Blockchain Consultant who helped in analyzing the different interfaces and APIs with the crypto exchanges.

Deritrader has a robust information ecosystem encompassing a disparate set of input data. We also formulated a robust Artificial Intelligence-driven Big Data and Analytics framework to help the senior management with research-oriented KPI-driven reports that enabled them to make better business decisions. A Python Consultant helped in ensuring proper receiving of data as input and forwarding to the downstream applications. It was ensured that the analytics framework would meet the growing needs of constant availability scalability and performance.



Efficiency on the trading platform ensured 20% more profits for traders within a quarter. As a result, the client experienced a three-fold in the number of clients within four months. The analytics solutions also improve decision-making and efficiency by almost 25% within the first five months of deploying the framework.

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We were looking for a derivatives trading platform and were astonished at the quick turnaround provided. The platform is easy to use that helped us grow clients exponentially. Moreover, we also have a robust big data and analytics framework that allows us to deploy predictive analytics and stay prepared for any future business chocks.

Rebecca Wong

Scrum Master